Friday, July 28, 2017

Sweet cottage by the Bay

73 Dundas Ave Warwick RI

If you are looking for that Bay Cottage by the sea, then this is it. Nature loving and simplistic in an extremely peaceful spot, you can just sit on your deck and observe, walk to a couple of different sandy beaches, plant a garden in the yard, or just simply hang out. This home would also be a great rental property for when you can't be there. 
It's situated at the end of the street (near the bay) with views of the bay. Fully applianced with a stone fireplace and wrap around deck, this home is literally waiting for your touch!

Newly priced at $338900, it is definitely affordable 

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Warwick Rhode Island Coast and Prudence Island

This is a photo actually of the harbor at Prudence Island. Pretty much all photos taken of the moon and the moonlight in Narragansett Bay are similar in their breathtaking  views. I believe I took this from the back of our boat. One of the great things about Rhode Island Coast is that if you are a boater, you can spend tons of time on the waterways. There are loads of places to take your boat, not just for a day trip, although those are fun. Going to Newport or Jamestown or Dutch Island, or Prudence Island are all potential day trips and some of them are overnighters.  There is nothing like staying overnight on a mooring or at anchor, whatever your preference and just chilling out. Whether you are a sailor, fisherman or simply a boat lover, like myself, Narragansett Bay offers probably more than any other area.   If you want to stay out a little longer, like a week or so, you can go to Block Island and hang out in New Harbor. We would get a mooring there and use our dinghy to go to the Island. They also have docks if that's your preference.   From Narragansett Bay you can also get to Sakonnet or even the Cape. We have sailed to Nantucket and Marthas Vinyard through the years and of course Cutty Hunk!   All great memories and possibilities because we lived on Narragansett Bay in beautiful RI!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Perfect Beach!

Yesterday was the first day of spring, so we took a ride along Rhode Island's coast once again. I love going in the spring because we get to see so many beaches without all the summer crowds.

We decided to ride up to Misquamicut Beach and then lazily travel back torwards Charlestown, RI.

After riding by the Atlantic Beach Park and many closed for the winter cottages and neat little restaurants, we headed over to Weekapaug.  Watch Hill is just south of Weekapaug and we will take that trip on a warmer day.

If you ride by Spray Rock Road, (where this house is located) you come to a dirt road that takes you through a few private beaches. One is Shelter Harbor, Weekapaug Fire District, and the one I absolutely fell in love with, Quonoquonchaug Barrier Beach

I have been to many beaches in my lifetime and living on the Coast of Rhode Island enables me to always be watching the sea, which is my favorite thing to do:)  But, I have to say that this beach is the most perfect beach in Rhode Island. My husband was laughing at me as we walked along the waters edge and I kept exclaiming. "This is the perfect beach"! Even the stones are perfect, the smell, the air, the freedom, the emptiness"  I cannot even begin to bring you there.

Because it is a private beach, about the only time you would be able to see it is in the winter months, but you really should make it a priority!  Unless you are a resident or vacation renter, and you have a "button", you will not be allowed to park in the quaint little parking lot overlooking Quonoquonchaug Pond.

I picked up "the perfect stone" and took it home with me. What better way to celebrate the Spring Equinox after the Super Moon!  I promised to return the stone in 20 years, back to the most beautiful place I have ever been priviliged to be.

It's going to be tough to find another beach in RI to beat this one, but I am going to continue to blog about the beaches along the Rhode Island Coast.
If you think you would like to live in Weekapaug, the houses range from $400,000 to a few million. Most of the roads are private in Weekapaug, only to residents and guests. Many of the homes have the same families throughout generations and many of the rentals are similar in that respect.
If you are looking for the quintessential ocean neighborhood, then Weekapaug would be it.
Don't forget, I am also a Buyers Rep and can take you on a tour of any of these homes that are on the market if you should decide to come to Rhode Island and enjoy our Coastal heritage!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waterfront and Beach Homes in RI

Spring is almost here in Rhode Island and now is the time most Rhode Islanders' start riding around looking for homes. Most Rhode Islanders automatically head torwards the water. Whether it be Narragansett, Westerly, Green Hill, Block Island or Point Judith, we all like to just ride around and look.
Rhode Island people are known for their love of the water. You can usually get in close proximity from whereever you are in RI.
Living on or near the water is most peoples' first choice. I wrote a blog in Ocean Home Magazine last month about Newport RI, and in it I mentioned Indian Ave in Middletown.  What a beautiful place with homes directly on the waterfront facing fantastic views.  Even on this side of the bridge, we have Jamestown.

  And heading right into Providence, Narragansett Bay streams past Warwick, North Kingstown, Cranston, Barrington, Riverside and more.
So whether you are looking for something near a marina, or near small shopping areas, or near Watch Hill's great Holiday escape, there are numerous homes to look at. And of course, right now, most of them are on the market at prices that would have been considered rock bottom, just a few years ago.

  Will these prices last?  I honestly do not know, but I do know that never has there been a more enticing time to by property near the ocean or bay in Rhode Island!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Harbor Light Marina

There are many marinas located in Warwick Cove in Warwick Rhode Island, but Harbor Lights Marina, in my opinion is one of the best.
Besides being located on a back street off Warwick Neck Avenue, Harbor Lights Marina has a clear view down Narragansett Bay. Sitting on the dock and watching the boats brings just as much enjoyment as having a boat in a slip.
Harbor Lights Marina, boasts double fingers. (for those who do not know what double fingers are, its a dock on both sides of your boat) Most of the marinas in Warwick do not have double fingers. Having a dock on either side makes it so much easier for the Captain to get the boat in the dock with a minimum of fuss. It also lets the First Mate take their time jumping off the boat to tie up the lines.
A Dock has a perfect view of not only the Oakland Beach fireworks, but a general parade of boats coming up the cove and then returning at the end of the day.
All the docks are clean, well lit and just a nice place to be. Tim and Leo are always around, either on the gas dock, or in the office, or out in the yard and both are very accessible for questions and help.
Hap, the mechanic and John, the Yard manager are also always accessible and always willing to help.
Below are a few photos of Harbor Light Marina, mostly taken from the water.
If you are looking for a slip, check out Harbor Light Marina in Warwick RI.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chelos by the Bay one of my favorite restaurants

Chelos by the Bay is the place that we all go when we want to either have a great, inexpensive meal by the bay, or sit and have a few cocktails by the bay. On a Friday or Saturday night in the summer one can be seated outside and listen to some great entertainers while watching the boats coming in and out. Or you can dance or just sit on the sidelines soaking up the atmosphere.
The parking lot at Chelos by the Bay is adjacent to Basset's Boat and down the road is Brewers Harbor, all located on Masthead Drive in East Greenwich, RI, just a short distance from Warwick.
The food is simple, yet very satisfying. If you are planning an event, this is also a great place to do it.
Click here to go to the Chelos website and get more information.
The tour below are just some of the photos I took the last time we went there. These keep my memories alive throughout the winter. I hope you enjoy them and I also hope you'll remember Chelos by the Bay when you are thinking of where to go to dine out.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Conimicut Point

Did you know that Conimicut Point used to have a Casino?

Or that the Lighthouse was being rowed to by Lighthouse keepers from across the bay at Nyatt Point?

Or that people used to take a trolley car from Providence, pass through Conimicut, (or stay there), and then travel on to Rocky Point Park?

Or that it was the site of an important Indian meeting?

There's probably lots that you do not know about Conimicut Point. If you would like to read some interesting history about it, read Don D'Amatos "Conimicut, A Modern Village" on the city's web site.

For me, Conimicut has always been the place I would go when I thought I had problems. I would go there and sit and watch the waves and peer at the Conimicut Lighthouse. I have painted that lighthouse and I know every nook and cranny. Something about being there puts all your problems in perspective.

Conimicut is a very cute Bay front community. Back in the '38 hurricane, parts of Conimicut were obliberated. Now, if you drive around you will see many homes "on stilts", or the new hurricane modifications that have been made to protect the homes. The area still retains it's feeling of history. Below is a slideshow of some photos, taken at the waters edge.