Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waterfront and Beach Homes in RI

Spring is almost here in Rhode Island and now is the time most Rhode Islanders' start riding around looking for homes. Most Rhode Islanders automatically head torwards the water. Whether it be Narragansett, Westerly, Green Hill, Block Island or Point Judith, we all like to just ride around and look.
Rhode Island people are known for their love of the water. You can usually get in close proximity from whereever you are in RI.
Living on or near the water is most peoples' first choice. I wrote a blog in Ocean Home Magazine last month about Newport RI, and in it I mentioned Indian Ave in Middletown.  What a beautiful place with homes directly on the waterfront facing fantastic views.  Even on this side of the bridge, we have Jamestown.

  And heading right into Providence, Narragansett Bay streams past Warwick, North Kingstown, Cranston, Barrington, Riverside and more.
So whether you are looking for something near a marina, or near small shopping areas, or near Watch Hill's great Holiday escape, there are numerous homes to look at. And of course, right now, most of them are on the market at prices that would have been considered rock bottom, just a few years ago.

  Will these prices last?  I honestly do not know, but I do know that never has there been a more enticing time to by property near the ocean or bay in Rhode Island!

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