Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chelos by the Bay one of my favorite restaurants

Chelos by the Bay is the place that we all go when we want to either have a great, inexpensive meal by the bay, or sit and have a few cocktails by the bay. On a Friday or Saturday night in the summer one can be seated outside and listen to some great entertainers while watching the boats coming in and out. Or you can dance or just sit on the sidelines soaking up the atmosphere.
The parking lot at Chelos by the Bay is adjacent to Basset's Boat and down the road is Brewers Harbor, all located on Masthead Drive in East Greenwich, RI, just a short distance from Warwick.
The food is simple, yet very satisfying. If you are planning an event, this is also a great place to do it.
Click here to go to the Chelos website and get more information.
The tour below are just some of the photos I took the last time we went there. These keep my memories alive throughout the winter. I hope you enjoy them and I also hope you'll remember Chelos by the Bay when you are thinking of where to go to dine out.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Conimicut Point

Did you know that Conimicut Point used to have a Casino?

Or that the Lighthouse was being rowed to by Lighthouse keepers from across the bay at Nyatt Point?

Or that people used to take a trolley car from Providence, pass through Conimicut, (or stay there), and then travel on to Rocky Point Park?

Or that it was the site of an important Indian meeting?

There's probably lots that you do not know about Conimicut Point. If you would like to read some interesting history about it, read Don D'Amatos "Conimicut, A Modern Village" on the city's web site.

For me, Conimicut has always been the place I would go when I thought I had problems. I would go there and sit and watch the waves and peer at the Conimicut Lighthouse. I have painted that lighthouse and I know every nook and cranny. Something about being there puts all your problems in perspective.

Conimicut is a very cute Bay front community. Back in the '38 hurricane, parts of Conimicut were obliberated. Now, if you drive around you will see many homes "on stilts", or the new hurricane modifications that have been made to protect the homes. The area still retains it's feeling of history. Below is a slideshow of some photos, taken at the waters edge.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Warwick consists of a lot of different communities and most of them are located on the Coast. Conimicut, Warwick Neck, Oakland Beach, Highland Beach, Longmeadow, Cole's Farm, Gaspee Point, to name a few. Although Rhode Island is small, each little community has it's own sense of neighborhood. All of Rhode Island is made up of little communities and each one is different. You can live in Rhode Island and be a recluse in the country, rent a townhouse or an artists loft in the city, live in general suburbia, have an ocean front or bay front home or condo. There are so many alternatives in Rhode Island it's hard to just pick one to write about. Okay, I'll stick to the Coast since that's the name of this blog. Go here to read my write up on Warwick.

Oakland Beach Warwick, Rhode Island

I have previously written about Oakland Beach. I don't know why I start with this little community, but I do. I guess I just love the picture. You need to go here to read about Oakland Beach in Warwick Rhode Island. Oakland Beach is improving each year. The views from the Western part are wonderful, especially at sunset.