Friday, October 19, 2007

Conimicut Point

Did you know that Conimicut Point used to have a Casino?

Or that the Lighthouse was being rowed to by Lighthouse keepers from across the bay at Nyatt Point?

Or that people used to take a trolley car from Providence, pass through Conimicut, (or stay there), and then travel on to Rocky Point Park?

Or that it was the site of an important Indian meeting?

There's probably lots that you do not know about Conimicut Point. If you would like to read some interesting history about it, read Don D'Amatos "Conimicut, A Modern Village" on the city's web site.

For me, Conimicut has always been the place I would go when I thought I had problems. I would go there and sit and watch the waves and peer at the Conimicut Lighthouse. I have painted that lighthouse and I know every nook and cranny. Something about being there puts all your problems in perspective.

Conimicut is a very cute Bay front community. Back in the '38 hurricane, parts of Conimicut were obliberated. Now, if you drive around you will see many homes "on stilts", or the new hurricane modifications that have been made to protect the homes. The area still retains it's feeling of history. Below is a slideshow of some photos, taken at the waters edge.

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